Waitrose reveals the new healthy dishes we'll be eating in 2017

Breakfast salads are being tipped as one of the new food trends for 2017 as Waitrose reveals a range of foods to keep health resolutions on track. Along with breakfast salads, the supermarket is also introducing a new grain called sorghum - predicted to be the new quinoa. Dishes have been inspired by the ever increasing trend for nutritious foods that are not only good for you but also innovative and picture perfect for Instagram. To meet customer demand, Waitrose has added vegan products to the range too.

A trend from across the pond is the breakfast salad. Breakfast has upped its game in recent years becoming the most fashionable meal of the day (just check out social media for regular posts of avocado on toast and the perfect poached egg). At Waitrose, shoppers can now pick up a breakfast salad pot. Containing layers of spinach, red rice, quinoa, egg and dollop of hollandaise - the Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine breakfast salads add a useful source of protein to start your morning. With more workers consuming the first meal of the day 'al desko', the salads have been made ready to eat, making a welcome change to a bowl of cereal or muesli bars.

It's been ten years since Waitrose launched quinoa for the first time. In 2007 it was considered a niche health food but is now an everyday ingredient. And this month, Waitrose is the first UK supermarket to launch sorghum, a new grain set to be a hit with health conscious shoppers in 2017. Sorghum, which is gluten free, has been growing in popularity in America over the past few years. The grain, which has been praised by healthy eaters for being a source of protein and minerals such as iron, has been added to a ready made salad. The salad ticks two other trendy health boxes too - vegan and raw. Along with sorghum, the low in fat salad contains raw shredded butternut squash and beetroot and mixed with a vegan raw carrot and miso dressing.

Waitrose has revamped their stir fry ready meals with healthier twists. Vegetables such as runner beans and Tenderstem broccoli have been cut into noodle shapes to make lower carb Far Eastern dishes. And quinoa fried rice anyone? Quinoa has been mixed with rice is a stir fry dish, adding a nutritional boost. Plus, it will be the first time a UK supermarket has sold fresh wholewheat noodles, following the trend for customers wanting easy but healthier swaps for traditional ingredients.

Says Simona Cohen-Vida, Product Developer at Waitrose, ‘What healthy eaters consume in the US, British shoppers will usually follow (think green smoothies and coconut water). Both breakfast salads and sorghum might raise a few eyebrows now but there is a demand for dishes with a healthy balance of ingredients. And veg based breakfasts rather than fruit ones are lower in sugar’.

‘There's a movement towards not cutting down or taking things out of your diet. The best way to keep health intentions on track is to add new ingredients to dishes. By adding this variety, mealtimes remain interesting and help you get natural goodness from your food, with the vegetables making it easier to reach your five a day. All of our new range is either ready-made or ready to cook so they'll save time in the kitchen too’.

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