Sleeping with wool bedding really does improve your looks
Getting the right amount of sleep has a great range of benefits ranging from improved concentration, heightened mood, a healthier heart and here, The Wool Room reveals that it can also improve your looks.

Skin deep
Whilst sleeping, your body renews and repairs itself and produces collagen which is the main support structure for your skin and it is what gives it its tone. Too little sleep restricts the amount of collagen produced and can ultimately result in saggy skin which is one of the main signs of ageing.

Sleep deprivation can also have detrimental effect on your skin because it causes decreased blood flow to the skin surrounding your face. This can cause dullness to the skin, specifically around the eyes resulting in bags and dark circles.

Healthy hair
Alterations in sleeping patterns have been shown to affect the body’s immune function, hormone secretion, and physical and mental stamina. The hair is very sensitive to changes within the body, and hair loss is nearly always the consequence of an internal disturbance.
Research suggests that more than a quarter of the 80% of men and 40% of women who experience hair loss, have sleep disorders, proving a direct correlation between the sleep and a healthy head of hair.

Beating the orange peel
90% of women across the UK suffer from the dreaded orange peel, cellulite. Research suggests that having the optimum 7-8 hours sleep per night can help elevate symptoms as this period of rest allows the body to recuperate and repair.

How can wool improve my sleep?
Sleeping in wool bedding has been proven to provide a 25% better night’s sleep than other forms of bedding, due to wool’s incredibly clever ability to regulate skin moisture and temperature levels as we sleep, preventing waking from becoming too hot or cold during the crucially regenerative stage 4 REM sleep. This is the stage of sleep which allows your body to recover and repair.
The Wool Room is also the only natural UK bedding retailer to hold the Allergy UK Seal of approval. Wool has long been recognised as a fibre which reduces exposure to allergens, by reducing house dust mites and other allergens through its natural moisture management. Allergy UK scientifically tested the bedding to investigate these claims, which it passed with flying colours so those with skin allergies such as eczema and psoriasis can now sleep easy.

Chris Tattersall, Managing Director of The Wool Room comments; ‘It’s exciting that people are finally understanding the important link between sleep and beauty. Ensuring that you provide your body with the optimum sleep setting to repair itself has been something that we at The Wool Room have been passionate about for a long time - how well you sleep has a direct impact on how you look and feel. We’ve already seen more people invest more in their sleeping environment than ever before and we predict that this trend will continue to grow.’

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