The Changing Face of Cheese

Waitrose reveals how the nation’s Christmas cheese boards has evolved over the last decade
The cheese board is undoubtedly a Christmas must-have, but changing times and taste buds have dramatically altered the festive staple over the last ten years. Waitrose reveals how the nation's choice of cheeseboard classics have become more international and arguably more pungent, since a wider variety of cheese from around the globe has become more readily available.

Back in 2006, cheese boards would typically have been milder in flavour, with Cheddar being favoured alongside something continental, like a French brie or a soft French goat’s cheese.

Fast forward ten years and the tables have turned, as the nation’s tastes have evolved with more artisanal and stronger-flavoured options making the cut, with cheese originating from France, Spain and Italy being the top picks as customers look for new and varied flavours.

It’s not only cheeses which are seeing a move on. A greater assortment of cheese biscuits is available, with a wide variety of colours, textures and ingredients such as nigella seeds, beetroot and charcoal. Cheese accompaniments are also proving more popular, as Waitrose now sells a vast selection of quinces, jellies and confits.

Chris Dawson, Waitrose Cheese Buyer comments, ‘Over the last decade the cheeses we eat and the way in which we enjoy them has evolved. Whilst a classic cheddar remains an all year round fridge staple, occasions like Christmas see customers become even more adventurous when it comes to their cheese selection. From lesser known countries of origin, to pungent sharing cheeses, Brits have become confident cheese explorers in the last decade.

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