Sales of luxury alpaca wool bedding have risen by 75% throughout November at The Wool Room, as the nation upgrade their bedding ahead of the influx of yuletide guests.

Often the most dreaded part of the festive season, the scrutinising eyes of families and friends, has led homeowners to overhaul their guest bedrooms and beds with products that guarantee comfort and luxury.

Termed the Mother in Law effect, The Wool Room, home of the healthy sleep, has seen an unprecedented leap in sales of luxury wool duvets since the start of November, as people across the UK search for a touch of luxury to make their guest beds more desirable to family visitors.

With an incredible make up of fibres that are guaranteed to provide a better night’s sleep than traditional forms of down or synthetic bedding, Brits are donning their guest beds in wool. Unlike down or synthetic bedding, wool regulates skin moisture levels and temperature as we sleep, keeping both within optimum ranges throughout the night and preventing waking as a result of being too hot, sweating, or too cold. Additionally because of the nature of wool fibres, dust mites are unable to survive in woollen products. This has led to Allergy UK awarding all the Wool Room’s bedding ranges their coveted seal of approval, making the Wool Room the first and only complete bedding solution to receive the accreditation and guaranteeing not only a better, but a healthier night’s sleep.

Chris Tattersall, Managing Director of The Wool Room comments, “When it comes to impressing guests over the festive season, keeping up with the Jones’ is no longer good enough, our customers are looking for the most opulent products to give the home a spruce and appease the infamously critical Mother in Law. In doing so, they’re giving the gift of a better night’s sleep.”

Classic bedding from The Wool Room starts from £36.99 for a pillow and range to £2159.10 for a luxury 9000 superking size mattress.

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