The Wool Room, home of the healthy sleep, reveals that sales of wool bedding post-Brexit have soared by 100 per cent as the nation indulges in luxury bedding.

Ahead of Wool Week (10th-16th October), the retailer has also seen sales of wool bedding and wool mattresses increase by 24 per cent as the British made products appeal to those wishing to support the British wool industry.

As the nights draw in the nation is preparing to cocoon themselves ahead of winter, with sales usually peaking ahead of the clocks going back. 2016 however has seen a bigger increase than usual in people investing in a healthy sleep, with the help of wool.

The Wool Room has recently received accreditation that its natural, wool, chemical free mattresses are flame retardant. This accreditation has resulted in the increase in people purchasing a good night’s sleep on a chemical free, flame retardant mattress from The Wool Room -the UK’s only sleep retailer in the UK to offer this.

The Wool Room’s bedding range also received Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval two years ago and is listed as an approved supplier. Wool has long been recognised as a fibre which reduces exposure to allergens, by reducing house dust mites and other allergens through its natural moisture management. Allergy UK scientifically tested the bedding to investigate these claims, which it passed with flying colours. The Wool Room is the only woollen complete bedding solution to have received the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.

Wool might be a popular choice for jumpers and throws, but it should also be the top choice for beds and bedding, as it can provide a 25% better sleep than with synthetic fibres. Wool’s unique temperature and moisture management properties regulate a controlled climate throughout the night, by absorbing night-time perspiration and then releasing it during the day. This is unlike synthetic fibres which don’t absorb and mean our body temperatures are raised during the night, making for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.
Best of all, because wool bedding is 100 per cent effective in its natural state, there is no need for allergy sufferers to wash the bedding or use chemicals. These pollutants can be responsible for poor health, poor sleep and symptoms of skin and respiratory allergies, limiting the performance of your spring clean and having a negative effect on wellbeing.

Chris Tattersall, Managing Director of The Wool Room comments, ‘There’s no doubt that the nation is starting to recognise the benefits of sleeping with wool- from helping to combat allergies, to ensuring that your sleep is healthy and chemical-free. We’re on a mission to ensure that everyone has the healthiest sleep thanks to wool. Wool Week is a fantastic campaign that helps do just that- highlighting everything that wool can do, as well as supporting all of the retailers and farmers who advocate the amazing benefits of wool.’

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