Earlier this year, Waitrose revealed its new premium range, Waitrose 1, which offers customers the very best from the supermarket.

The range, which initially launched with 500 products, is already a resounding success with customers: almost a third of Waitrose customers have already tried the brand. Over 100 products are set to be added to the range this autumn, taking Waitrose 1 into new areas as well as adding seasonal inspiration.

From ready-meals, pasta, pizza, chocolate and desserts, below are the highlights from the range:


Macaroni Cheese with Butternut Squash and Pancetta, £3.99- The Waitrose 1 Macaroni Cheese with Butternut Squash and Pancetta is made using free range egg macaroni which is mixed with a rich mature Cheddar sauce, chunks of roasted butternut squash and smoked pancetta. The dish is topped with a crunchy ciabatta, pumpkin seed and Cheddar crumb.

Slow-cooked Pulled Beef Hash, £7.99 - Succulent pulled British beef in rich red wine sauce, topped with a buttery potato and pancetta rosti. Made with beef brisket, the perfect cut for slow cooking, the pulled beef is marinated with red wine, Dijon mustard and thyme, then cooked long and slow, until it’s so tender it can be pulled into succulent, chunky shreds.

Venison and Celeriac Gratin, £3.99 - Rich, slow-cooked minced venison flavoured with whisky and juniper and topped with slices of celeriac and potato. This dish is made by slowly sweating onions with rosemary and juniper and adding a dash of whisky and redcurrant jelly to bring out the flavour of the meat.


To add to the existing range, Waitrose is launching two new hand-stretched sourdough pizza which are baked in a wood-fired oven and topped with seasonal produce. Perfect for vegetarians, the first of the new pizzas is a Wood-fired Mushroom, Kale & Gorgonzola Sourdough Pizza (£4.79) which sees the sourdough base topped with sauce blanche, roasted oyster mushroom, portobellini mushroom and finished with kale and rich Gorgonzola.

The other is a Wood-fired Neapolitan Sourdough Pizza (£4.79) which is topped with mozzarella, marinated artichoke hearts, white anchovies, juicy Leccino olives and parsley.


Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying that a heart-warming pasta dish made at home and thanks to the new Waitrose 1 pasta, it just got easier to enjoy restaurant quality pasta home.

Made using 00 flour and enriched with egg to give a rich yellow finish the new pastas are available in three different flavours - Porcini Mushroom Ravioli (£4.99), filled with porcini, ricotta, mascarpone and a dash of truffle-flavoured olive oil, Spicy Salami Tortelloni (£4.99), filled with fennel salami, cheese, mortadella, pancetta and sundried tomatoes with fennel and coriander and Spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni (£4.99), filled with ricotta salata and leaf spinach.

As part of the launch two new pasta sauces will join the range including the Waitrose 1 Pomodoro pasta sauce (£2.49) a Rich, intense tomato sauce, made with Pomodorini cherry tomatoes, chianti and rosemary, topped with buffalo mozzarella and fresh parsley. The other is the Waitrose 1 Bolognese Sauce (£2.49), slow cooked British beef, pork and red wine ragu with smoked pancetta, topped with parmesan shavings, slow-roast tomatoes and fresh parsley.


As the summer draws to a close warming desserts and treats become a must and Waitrose is on hand with the new Waitrose 1 Spiced Plum Crumble (£2.99), juicy plums simmered with red wine, cinnamon and star anise, topped with a buttery oat, almond and sunflower seed crumble.

For those looking to indulge, the Waitrose 1 Choux Pastry Éclairs (£2.50) are not to be missed. Filled with an indulgent crème patisserie and decorated beautifully the new éclairs are available in 4 different flavours - Belgian Chocolate and Malt Éclair, Madagascan Vanilla Éclair, Raspberry and Rose Éclair and Sicilian Lemon Meringue Éclair.

Waitrose is also launching an exotic Chocolate & Coconut Mousse (2pk/£2.99) – the creamy Belgian chocolate mousse is filled with a rich coconut filling.


Waitrose has launched a range of single origin chocolates, all of which is made using fully traceable Cocoa beans from Fairtrade Cooperatives in countries including Costa Rica, Haiti and Indian Ocean - each chocolate has its own distinctive flavour from fruity aromas to strong cocoa notes. The Indian Ocean bar is set to be the biggest hit, boasting a divine coconut flavour as well as being dairy free and vegan.

Three new chocolate boxes will also be added to the range for those already planning their Christmas wish lists. Our indulgent Grand cru single origin champagne truffles are made with Waitrose's award winning Champagne. The Classic Dessert Collection Box (£14.99), with flavours including Tiramisu, Sticky toffee pudding, Jaffa Cake, Sherry Trifle, Bakewell Tart and Pineapple upside down cake, is a delicious alternative to pudding! And the Salted Collection (£5.99) has 4 sophisticated flavours that add a savoury note to the range.


Badoz Vacherin du Haut-Doubs A.O.P., 350kg, £9. 49 - Vacherin is a seasonal cheese, available only from September to March. It is traditionally bound with a hoop of aromatic spruce bark, which infuses the cheese with a unique aroma and flavour. The Badoz family have been making cheese since 1830. Delicious served hot with seasonal vegetables.


As part of the Waitrose 1 range, Waitrose is introducing three new ground coffees, so whether it’s a coffee that packs a punch or one a little more mellow – there is a coffee for everyone. El Salvador Fairtrade Ground Coffee (£3.29), is a smooth, mellow coffee with notes of deep vanilla and sweet chocolate, Mexico Fairtrade Ground Coffee (£3.29), is a light-bodied, nutty coffee with gentle acidity and notes of sweet sugar cane and Rwanda Fairtrade Ground Coffee (£3.29), is a smooth, light-bodied coffee with floral notes and sweet tamarind acidity.


Smoked Haddock Loins, £6.99 - The best cut of haddock, slowly smoked over oak and beech for up to 14 hours, in a traditional Grimsby smokehouse. Ready to pan fry or oven cook for a quick and easy lunch or evening meal.

Venison Haunch, £40.99 - Waitrose venison is seasonally tender and has a mild game flavour, it is produced from red deer that are reared in open pastures, graze freely and are fed on a natural balanced diet. We work with a small group of specialist farmers, selecting them for their high standards of animal husbandry, welfare and commitment to sustainable farming.

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