Today, 6th July 2016, Lakeland, the home of creative kitchenware and home solutions, reveals key trends that the nation are set to embrace over the next six months, including gourmet microwave meals, cocktail cupcakes and eradicating wires.

Healthy Eating

The last 12 months have seen a seismic shift in the nations eating habits with Lakeland becoming the go-to destination for all things healthy. Incredibly, Lakeland has moved from selling a spiralizer every 7 minutes at the beginning of 2015, to every 2 minutes in 2016! What was once thought to be a short-term trend has now turned into a lifestyle, with spiralizing set to stay.
As a result of this continued popularity, this autumn will see the kitchenware specialist unveil their newest developments in spiralizing as part of their Davina for Lakeland range. The new spiralizers bring together Lakeland’s infamous product innovation along with consumer feedback to create ‘the perfect spiralizers’.
First to launch will be Lakeland’s new Hand-Held Spiralizer which comes with a simple-to-use ratchet mechanism, making spiralizing easier than ever. Its small footprint makes it easy-to-store, and leaving no central core, there’s no waste either.
Hot on the heels of the hand-held spiralizer, will come the newest development in worktop spiralizing. From the same range, the Spiralizer will encompass the same innovation to create a spiralizer that’s smaller than current worktop models, easier to use, easier to store, creates zero waste and disassembles for easy cleaning.

Last year saw eating healthily become a way of life, and in 2016, the time it takes you to prepare healthy and nutritious meals has drastically reduced as Lakeland reinvented the microwave meal with their new selection of specialist microwave cookware.

A survey of 1,000 online users at end of 2015 revealed that whilst 85% of people have a microwave in their home, 40% of those mainly used their microwave just to heat and reheat food and 23% mostly for heating ready meals. The same survey revealed that 74% of those with a microwave weren’t aware of the nutritional benefits of cooking in this way.
Microwaving is actually the perfect medium to cook without oil, and is especially good for steaming food and 2016 will continue to see the reinvention, or rather the rediscovery of the microwave as a way to cook healthily.

As consumers look to eat more healthily, the nations love affair with eggs continues. Following the launch of Lakeland’s new microwave egg poacher which raises eggs up so that the microwaves can cook from the bottom as well as the top, sales have increased by over 45% this year. And in keeping with breakfast themed food, Greek yoghurt is also on the rise with sales of Lakeland’s Greek yoghurt mixes up a massive 44%.

Saving Our Sins

In reaction to the trend for healthy, when we do indulge, we want to do so in a big way. Originally born in Australia, 2016 has seen the Freak Shake hit the UK. A monster milkshake loaded with cake, cream and as many toppings as you can fit on- if you’re going to indulge, indulge to the maximum.

Social media, including Facebook and Pinterest, are seeing a rising trend for cakes infused with alcohol.
Lakeland has worked with Wilton to bring this US trend to the UK with an inexpensive kit complete with recipe ideas and including pipettes so that at the last moment you can infuse your cupcake with the spirit or liqueur of your choice.
Lakeland’s Prosecco Gummies by SugarSin have also been a huge hit for the retailer, selling six times as many as predicted.

Matthew Canwell, Lakeland’s Buying Director commented, ‘From healthy eating to saving up our sins, the last 12 months have seen a seismic shift in eating trends and we’re only going to see more of this throughout 2016 as the demand for finding gadgets to create quick, delicious food continues.’

‘We’ve also never been more ‘on the go’ and this is reflected in the rise of using smart phones to control gadgets around the home to make lives easier and more comfortable. We’re also going to see more homes going wireless as the nation embrace cordless gadgets.’

The Connected Home

Being ‘connected’ is hugely important to us, and now the power of the internet is staring to shape homes and lives. The ‘connected home’ enables household gadgets to be switched on or off at the touch of a button from a smart phone or tablet.
This season sees Lakeland introduce Christmas lights you can control with an app on your phone as well as coffee machines, kettles and cooking machines that are fully controllable from your devices.

Cordless gadgets are now the machine of choice. Figures from Gfk tell us that one in three vacuum cleaners sold in the UK are now wireless and Lakeland is working in partnership with TEFAL to exclusively launch the Airforce - a cordless vacuum that has the ability to completely replace your corded vacuum.
The Airforce is exceptionally light at just 3.3Kg and is easily maneuvered, with a triangular shaped head - enabling you to really get into the corners. The Airforce also takes advantage of the advances in battery technology to offer 25 minutes of use between charges.

Davina Handheld Spiraliser, £11.99
Davina Spiralizer, £29.99
Lakeland Microwave Egg Poachers, £5.99
SugarSin Prosecco Gummies, £6.49
Shot Tops Cupcake Recipe Kit, £9.99
Tefal Airforce Extreme Lithium Cordless Vacuum, £199.99

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