- Shopping bug-bears revealed –

For those men waiting outside changing rooms while their other half tries on every dress in the store, it is startling news. Women don’t like shopping for clothes!

In fact up to 38 per cent absolutely dread the thought of having to rifle through the racks, a survey by plus size fashion specialist Scarlett & Jo has found.

Trying on clothes in poorly lit, smelly changing rooms is the number one shopping bug-bear, with almost half (48%) of the 1000 women polled online claiming to not enjoy the experience and believing that clothes stores target only unattainably thin young women.

Finding clothes that are both fashionable and flatter their body shape is a sizeable issue for 23 per cent of all women. With limited availability of larger sizes in stores also likely to send them potty when hitting the high street in search of something to wear.

It seems that size differences across high street shops are annoying, confusing and wasting women's time, but above all unrealistic perception of what constitutes an XL.
An overwhelming 73% of women said they take different sizes into the changing room because they don't know which will fit - with one in three doing this every time they try something on. As a result, over 60% feel they waste too much time in the changing room testing sizes. And with a 4cm difference in the waists of retailer’s 'size 12' models, the confusion is justifiable.*

Gifi Fields, Founder of Scarlett & Jo said “Shopping is supposed to be a pleasurable experience for women but our findings clearly show that it has sadly turned into a chore.
Clothes are supposed to make you feel amazing and it’s the responsibility of retailers to ensure that happens. A dress which looks like a million dollars on the hanger can quickly leave you feeling like a frump if it doesn’t fit property.

At Scarlett & Jo we appreciate that plus size women are different heights, and celebrate women and diversity. We listen, we reflect, and we do,” concludes Fields.
Crowds and untidy stores also infuriate women when they hit the high street in search of something to wear. Followed closely by the wrong sizes on hangers and clothes being soiled with make-up all making the top ten bug bears of women whilst hitting the shops.

Top 10 pet hates when shopping are:
1. Changing rooms
2. Inconsistent sizing
3. Untidy stores
4. Limited larger sizes available
5. Clothes not fitting properly
6. Crowds
7. Screaming kids
8. Rude staff
9. Wrong sizes on hangers
10. Clothes soiled with make-up

Considered by many as the number one plus size dress brand in the UK, Scarlett & Jo has just been nominated for four British Plus Size Awards** thanks to its focus on producing beautiful prints and soft flowing fabrics in fun and ultra-feminine cuts and shapes that enhance the full figured woman.

Available to buy direct at www.scarlettandjo.com or from SimplyBe, Yours clothing, Amazon Prime, Asos Marketplace and online at Debenhams.com from August.
Scarlett & Jo have been nominated for Best Designer, Best Eveningwear, Most Outstanding Achievement and Gifi Fields for Best Person in the Plus Size Business.

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