Leading fashion retailer for the over 50s JD Williams has today (13th July) launched its own style guide on what to wear as a Prime Minister – the same day as Theresa May takes the reigns from David Cameron to become the first lady at No.10 since Margaret Thatcher stepped down in 1990.
Our next Prime Minister is no stranger to being ahead of the fashion stakes in parliament, with her impeccable style. Since she’s been in the limelight this last week, JD Williams has seen a 14% week on week increase in the sale of kitten heels – Theresa May’s signature shoe.
She’s also partial to a fashion faux pas or two. Only last week the 59 year old was pictured in a black and white Aztec inspired dress for a cabinet meeting at Downing Street. The placement of the flesh-toned designs on the optical illusion frock made it appear as though the 59-year-old politician was revealing more than she had intended.
And let’s not forget how she managed to upstage George Osborne’s Budget 2016 speech – not through any political statement but with her daring choice of clothing. Her low-cut dress revealed a little more than just her tan lines – and her spiral necklace only accentuated the matter.

To avoid any more mishaps, JD Williams, the leading fashion retailer for over 50s has devised its own style guide of what you May or May not wear when you are leading the country or a member of parliament.

Do wear:
- Square necklines (to keep modesty intact)
- Trouser suits (show that it’s not just men who wear the trousers)
- Shapes and colours that compliment the complexion and figure (so you’re always ready for the limelight)
- Colours other than black or grey (be daring, but not too daring)

Don’t wear:
- Miniskirts or mini dresses, just above the knee is fine (the ‘thighs’ don’t have it)
- Leather clothing (Madonna is not a political fashion icon)
- Plunging necklines (don’t reveal more than is necessary)
- Juvenile prints such as lip printed shoes (you’re at parliament, not a high school disco)

Suzi Burns, spokesperson for JD Williams said: “Theresa May might be about to take on the biggest role in Government, but this is merely a second string to her bow. Her most important work is in single-handedly revolutionising the way female politicians look. Being over 50 and dressing “conservatively’ doesn’t have to mean that you have to dress frumpy.

Having the confidence to wear bold prints, look-at-me colours and edgy prints is something to be admired. However she should take note of our style guide to avoid any further fashion mishaps whilst in the cabinet.” Concluded Burns

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