The Death of DIY

• Survey reveals new DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself) trend amongst Brits with 72% admitting downing tools
• North West highlighted as the worst region for DIY habits

The have-a-go handyman is no more as a new survey reveals Brits have turned into a nation of DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself-ers).

Home solutions retailer, House of Bath, today unveils the stark truth that 72% of British men and women have lost the desire to DIY, preferring quick fix solutions to timely home improvement projects.

The survey, which polled 2,000 men and women by region, found that those in the North West were the least likely to pick up a pair of plyers, with just 22% relying on DIY to make changes in the home.

Maybe driven to distraction by recent football events, the East Midlands came in close second with just 25% of residents filling their spare time with DIY.

London dwellers appear to ditch the drills in favour of downtime, as just 27% professed to DIY, while sales of temporary storage solutions in the region surpassed 13,000 units in the past year.

Once a favourite gift for Father’s Day, the usual drills and tool kits are now being replaced by practical gadgets for the home and garden such as storage chests and lawn mowers as the demands of life leave little time for the more traditional DIY.

Yorkshiremen and women scored highest in the retailer’s report, but with just a third (34%) admitting to doing their own handy work, it serves as another reminder of the demise of DIY.

It appears Brits aren’t only shying away from doing it themselves, just 16% of the nation choose to employ professionals for their home improvements, again suggesting quick fix solutions to be the preferred route.

Kay Hutcheson, head of buying at House of Bath comments, “Our customers have always preferred to invest in home solutions than any other product, but recently we’ve seen an even bigger gap emerge, especially in the lead up to Father’s Day. A few years ago we would see clear spikes for more time-intensive items but now customers prefer much quicker home solutions.”

Despite reputations for rural living, Wales and the South West were also no strangers to the DDIY trend, coming in at just 30%.

“People lead busy lives and rarely have time for DIY like they used to a few years ago, home solutions provide the perfect antidote to this.” Concluded Hutcheson.

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