Hobbycraft is continuing its mission to get the nation sewing and today, Wednesday 18th May, announces the launch of its partnership with sewing guru Miss Libby Rose – The Pink Bus Project.

Libby, who has been sewing for 10 years, will be running sewing classes suitable for all ages from the fully self-sufficient bus. Classes will range from simple mending and learning how to sew a button on, to more complex pattern based makes, to ensure that there’s a class to for everyone.

The Hobbycraft sponsored pink bus will tour the UK with Libby’s first stop on her travels set to be Hobbycraft Reading on May 21st, soon to be followed by Hobbycraft in Havant on June 4th. Each hour and a half class will cost £10 per session, with customers leaving with a finished project.

The trend for sewing has continued to grow over the last few years and 2015 saw the launch of Hobbycraft’s Sew Simple campaign. It helped customers choose, set up, and use their new sewing machines, in an attempt to help new sewers every step of the way through a series of sewing ‘driving tests. To date over 20,000 people have successfully completed and passed the test.

Following the success of Sew Simple Hobbycraft has now launched Sew Simple 2, the second phase of the campaign which will see brand new driving tests, as well as new projects such as cosmetic bags, a wrap skirt and mini bean bag seats.

In a recent survey by Hobbycraft, it would appear that more men than women have caught the sewing bee bug with 60 per cent of men saying that they would mend an item of clothing rather than to throw it away, compared to just 40 per cent of women. Whilst sewing has been growing in popularity for the last few years, thanks to programmes like The Great British Sewing Bee, the survey also revealed that one in ten people are still unable to do basic tasks including sewing on a button, sewing on a zip and turning up or mending a hem with 55 per cent of people admitting they would throw away items of clothing instead of trying to mend them.

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