Brrrrrrr........illiant for Smoothie Making
Sales of frozen vegetable smoothie mixes are up 112 per cent at Waitrose

With healthier eating at the top of our New Year’s lists, health conscious shoppers are blitzing up the new frozen fruit and vegetable smoothie mixes from Waitrose.

The new Waitrose Love Life Frozen Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie mixes have been introduced to complement the comprehensive range of fruit frozen smoothie mixes, to meet the growing demand for home-made smoothies with added vegetables. Smoothie converts and those experimenting for the first time will enjoy these more unusual combinations to keep their morning drink interesting with no preparation, waste or fuss.

Waitrose is the first supermarket to sell an own label frozen smoothie mix with vegetables; shoppers are loving the new mixes, with sales up 112 per cent*.

The Sunrise Smoothie, which consists of carrot, mango, kiwi and butternut squash, is the fastest growing flavour. With sales up 145 per cent, the nation is going nuts for a butternut breakfast.

The Radiant Ruby Smoothie mix (beetroot, blueberries, mango and carrot) has seen sales rise by 109 per cent and the Gorgeous Green Smoothie (spinach, kale, mango & kiwi) by 107 per cent.

Sarah Mayall, frozen foods buyer at Waitrose comments, “Nutribullets have made it easy to get lots of nutrients in one go and with the addition of our frozen smoothie mixes, we’ve made the process even more convenient. The clever mix of fruit and veg ensures a balance of taste and nutrition that can be prepared quickly and conveniently - even hard-to-peel butternut squash is perfectly diced ready to go!"

In 2016 there will be an increased focus on the nation's sugar intake and the vegetable smoothie packs reduce sugar intake naturally by decreasing the amount of fruit consumed by bumping up the use of vegetables. A 150 ml juice or smoothie is also one of your five a day.

A recent survey** by Waitrose revealed that one in four people plan to be healthier in the New Year with the top five ways people plan to achieve being to eating more fruit and veg (60 per cent), closely followed by exercising more (59 per cent), cutting out junk food (53 per cent) and cutting sugar (41 per cent).

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