- Superdrug reveals latest cutting edge Swiss skincare at a high street price -

The most indulgent luxury Swiss skincare generally comes with a high price, especially when it is harnessing the latest ingredients and technology. However, October 2015 sees Superdrug reveal the latest in its Optimum collection of skincare, Optimum PhytoDeluxe™, which offers Harrods style deluxe ingredients at a high street price.

Optimum PhytoDeluxe™ launches on 12th October in Superdrug and is based on the latest Swiss skincare ingredient – Black Diamond Truffle.

Truffles are known to be one of the most deluxe ingredients in the culinary world, now a secret process has been developed to capture the truffle’s unique rejuvenating power, its delicate core is rich in amino acids which can help to tone the skin and improve moisture balance.

This exact same ingredient is found in some of the world’s most luxurious, and expensive, skincare treatments including the Estee Lauder ReNutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Crème (£255).

Superdrug is making the truffle more accessible when it launches Optimum PhytoDeluxe™ SPF15 Day Cream and Comforting Night Cream at just £14.99 each.

To compound the luxurious nature of the new Optimum collection it also contains an active derived from the world’s most precious metal - platinum.

Platinum Matrix-EM™ is the ultimate ingredient in luxury skincare for mature skin. An exceptional conjugation of precious Platinum particles with a potent Tetrapeptide, it is clinically proven to boost the synthesis of collagen I and III, helping to reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and improve the skin’s hydration level and its elasticity.

Superdrug’s Optimum PhytoDeluxe™ range has been specially created for women aged 40+.

Dave Cooke, Superdrug Head of Own Brand comments: “At Superdrug we genuinely believe that the world’s most effective and indulgent skincare ingredients can be made more affordable.

“We cut through the million pound advertising campaigns, celebrity figureheads and precious packaging to offer technologically advanced products at a fraction of the cost of the designer version.

“Our Optimum range has been pushing the boundaries of high tech skincare for over a decade and our sales figures show us that every day women are switching from their expensive branded products to own brand products like PhytoDeluxe™ to make instant savings.”

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