British Kiwi Berries
A mini-me kiwi fruit that's the size of a grape and grown in UK

George Leeds, who has been growing strawberries for Waitrose for ten years, is this year growing something a little bit more unusual for the supermarket, the kiwi berry.

Kiwi berries, look like a kiwi fruit but are the size of a grape. They can be eaten in one bite, with no need for them to be peeled.

The fruit grows on 7ft vines at George Leeds' farm in Ledbury, Herefordshire. Kiwi berries have the same striking pattern of seeds on the inside but taste slightly sweeter than a regular sized kiwi fruit.

Says Nicki Baggot, Waitrose Fruit Buyer, "Kiwi berries are a no fuss fruit, without need for preparation. This along with their mini me size makes them a fun addition to lunch boxes or snack time. We are excited to launch this exotic style fruit that has been grown on a British farm."

Waitrose Kiwi Berries are available in 200 Waitrose branches from Wednesday 16th September. They are priced at £2.50 for 125g and will be available for 5 weeks. They will launch on promotion, priced at £2 for two weeks.

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