Caviar Craze!
-Sales of caviar up by 50% at Waitrose-

Caviar is proving more popular than ever with shoppers, as Waitrose reports that sales are up 50% compared to last year. To support the growing trend a new variety of farmed sturgeon caviar has recently been introduced to the supermarket’s shelves.

The variety grabbing Waitrose shoppers’ attention is Qiandao Caviar, which is sourced from sturgeon roe. The sturgeon swims in the crystalline waters of Lake Qiandao, in the heart of the Huangshan Mountains in China, producing caviar pearls that are a beautiful ebony-colour with a subtle aroma.

Speaking of caviar, Andy Boulton, buyer at Waitrose says, “We were confident that if we could source good quality, affordable caviar that it would take off as our customers love to experiment with new ingredients. The salty and unusual texture of caviar works well with a meaty burger or the soft, melting cheese on a pizza. Not only is our Qiandao caviar more affordable than other caviars it also boasts a smooth flavour making it perfect if you’re trying caviar for the first time.”

Caviar is no longer just for blinis as it makes its way atop burgers and pizzas in some of the world’s top restaurants. From the gourmet burger served at the Lobby Lounge in Wellington New Zealand to the $1000 pizza at Nino’s Italian restaurant in New York City, chefs are getting creative with their caviar. The trend has even reached London, as Honky Tonk restaurant in Chelsea, recently unveiled its gourmet burger boasting a gold leaf bun and an indulgent topping of caviar.

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