Sales of meal for one pan soar at House of Bath

A meal for one sauce pan has been outselling other saucepans 3-1 at home solutions retailer, House of Bath.

The £19.95 saucepan which is divided into quarters allowing the user to make a meal using one pan has seen a sales increase of 51% in the last week alone.

The sales increase is being attributed to the fact that more people than ever before are living alone, 13% of people in the UK now live in a property by themselves, 12% more than the early 90s.*

So great is the trend that House of Bath is planning to extend its single serve cookware offering and predict that it may create a new movement in cooking.
Kay Hutcheson, Head of Buying at House of Bath says: “Our four-way pan sales show that people are not only cooking simple meals for one but preparing increasingly smaller servings.”

Big, durable, family-sized dishes, plates and pans were once the top sellers, with all cookware designed to hold enough food for at least four people, with many dishes able to cater for six, eight and sometimes ten guests.

But a pivotal point was reached in 1996 – towards the end of the last Conservative government – when formal, large scale dinner parties were falling out of fashion after Black Wednesday.

The move away from super-sized cookware continued under Labour, with invitations to trendy but simpler “suppers” becoming common across the UK.

Since then family birth rates, and a greater number of women preferring to carve out successful careers than carve the Sunday roast have accelerated the trend.

Figures showing that more people are now living on their own for longer before getting married, a rising divorce rate, and an increase in the number of people who never marry at all, are believed to have created the current boom in mini cookware.

Kay continues, “Shoppers are opting for our four-way pan because it is more economical to use. It requires less energy to heat, less water to wash and takes up less space in the cupboard.

“There’s no doubt that demand for single serve cookware is set to grow extremely quickly.

“However, cooking on such a small scale may eventually make traditional recipes in older cookbooks virtually unusable. They are all designed for meals of up to four people, and the volumes of ingredients they use can’t be easily translated into cooking for one.”

The four way pan is available from the House of Bath catalogue and online at Houseofbath.co.uk priced at £19.95.

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