Women ‘Sea Kelp’ with Marisota’s Cellulite Busting Leggings

Leading online retailer Marisota launches today (26th June) shapewear leggings that promise to banish unsightly cellulite using nature’s best kept secret; sea kelp.
Priced at £20, the leggings can reduce cellulite by 12% if worn regularly and wearers can see a 10% improvement in skin elasticity, a reduction of dry skin and overall improvement in the appearance of skin.
The leggings have been introduced after a focus group conducted by the retailer found that 73% of women in their forties said that cellulite is their biggest beauty battle.
Marisota offers the latest in cellulite reducing technology that promises to fill those dreaded dips without the added health risk, and cost, of more invasive procedures.
Sarah Stott, lingerie buyer at Marisota comments; “It’s great that women are starting to choose safer ways to boost body confidence rather than more drastic alternatives. We’ve focussed for too long on these options and often ignore completely natural solutions that are right in front of us.
This range incorporates both micro-capsulation and Magisculpt technology so works not only to slim down and streamline body shape instantly but as a cellulite buster in the long-term.”
Even slim celebrities are no strangers to skin dimples, Kate Moss, Eva Longoria and Janice Dickinson have all famously struggled with cellulite, a body issue that affects women of all sizes.
The innovative range features control leggings infused with active ingredient Sea Kelp, and uses micro-capsulation, a new technology in which knitted fabric is treated with micro-capsules containing Sea Kelp that are then released during washing and wearing. Nutrient rich Sea Kelp, a herb found deep in the ocean, nourishes the skin while reducing the build-up of cellulite due to its catalytic powers for skin renewal and restoration, improving the tone and appearance of skin even while sitting.
With Marcia Cross and Jennifer Lopez just two of Sea Kelp’s celebrity fans and bikini season just about to start, the retailer is already looking into expanding the range ahead of a predicted sales boom.
Sea Kelp Control Leggings with Magisculpt technology are available in sizes 12-30 and in full length or cropped lengths at www.marisota.co.uk.
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