Demand soars for the pollen-catching net curtain

Thousands of British homes are re-introducing net curtains in an apparent throw-back to the 50s. Once popular amongst the most modern homemakers of the time, the net curtain is having a moment.

But instead of keeping the prying eyes of nosey neighbours out, today’s version is keeping a more sinister intrusion at bay, and ingeniously catches allergy-inducing pollen before it reaches the victim.

Recommended by Dr Hilary Jones*, The Hawaii Butterfly Net from House of Bath is designed to trap and filter up to 56%** of the dust and pesky pollen that can enter the home and trigger allergy health problem including asthma and hayfever.

Whilst traditional net curtains allow for circulation of air due to the open weave fabric, allergens can still enter the home. But the tightly knitted structure of the decorative Hawaii Butterfly Net is more capable of capturing the dust and stopping it spreading, therefore improving health and wellbeing.

Sales of the Hawaii Butterfly Net are up 117% since the start of hayfever season in May, in line with the rising pollen count in Britain, worsened this year by invading plants like ragweed bringing increasing amounts of allergy-inducing pollen to Britain.

With 15 million hayfever sufferers in the UK^, the Hawaii Butterfly Net is the ideal solution and a healthy alternative to tablets and sprays.

Kay Hutcheson, Head of Buying at House of Bath says; “With the higher-than-usual pollen count this summer, our customers have been searching for ways to relieve their allergies when at home, particularly via natural means. The Hawaii Butterfly Net has been hugely popular more than ever this year and customers are suffering far less than before.”

Famous hay fever sufferers include Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet, Jon Bon Jovi, Cameron Diaz and Marissa Tomei.

The Hawaii Butterfly Net is available in various sizes, prices start at £7.45.

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