Ready, Steady, Glow

• Halfords is the first major UK retailer to sell spray-on light
• Wash-off reflective and permanent sprays for cyclists and other road users
• Spray can be used on any surface and glows under lights
HALFORDS is the first major UK retailer to sell Albedo 100 – a unique reflective safety spray aimed at increasing the visibility of cyclists, children and other road users. Invisible during the day, it glows brightly in the glare of lights, making the invisible visible.
The spray contains powder-fine reflective particles designed to react to a car’s headlights, alerting drivers to the presence of road-users in the dark.
Though designed for safer cycling, Albedo 100 can be applied to any material?—?clothing, skateboards, scooters, shoes, pushchairs and children’s backpacks. It is transparent, washes off and will not affect the colour or surface of your chosen material, lasting for approximately one week after application.
Halfords’ cycling safety YouGov report showed 11% of people would cycle more regularly if there were better cycling safety products, while 24% of those surveyed said that they’re too scared to cycle on UK roads. On safety precautions, 39% say they always take precautions while cycling.*
Halfords digital product manager Sam Newby says; “Our customers told us that better safety products would encourage them to cycle more, and using Albedo 100 will boost your visibility on the roads.
Not only that but it also means you can go all Banksy on your bicycle, paint your pushchair and tint your tracksuit. We’re looking forward to seeing how road users use their imagination to create their own unique designs.”
Albedo 100 is available from Halfords.com as a temporary reflective spray paint (100ml for £12.99) and as a permanent reflective spray paint (200ml for £17.99).

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