As fans get set for the ‘Grand Depart’ from one of the most bike-friendly countries in Europe, back home the majority of Britons are demanding action from decision-makers to make cycling safer and nurture Britain’s cycling renaissance.
The YouGov survey of more than 4,000 people from all over the country was commissioned by the UK’s leading bike retailer Halfords.
Respondents were asked whether both the Government and their local council should be investing more in high quality cycling infrastructure. The survey results found that more than half (55 per cent) were of the view that cycling should be higher up on the government’s agenda as well as wanting more investment in cycling safety. Again, over half of those surveyed (52 per cent) also think that local government should take on a more proactive role in order to improve cycle safety provision.
When respondents were asked what would encourage them to cycle more, dedicated cycle lanes (40 per cent) was overwhelmingly the top choice, with more places to park and lock bikes as the second most popular choice (30 per cent).
The results show that an increase in transport spending on safer cycle routes will not only boost safety for those who ride bikes, but also enable people to have the confidence to make the switch from cars onto bicycles.
The report also uncovers the importance people place on educating and generally raising awareness about cycling safely to all, including cyclists, motorists and children. Half of those questioned believe that jointly educating (cyclist and motorist) groups on the topic is key.
Emma Fox, Commercial Director at Halfords said:
‘Our state-of-the-nation report on cycling safety demonstrates that most people want the Government to make a firm commitment to cycling safety. Over the last few years, Britain has made huge strides towards becoming a cycling nation, the government must be prepared to invest more in safer cycle routes to not only maintain this momentum but extend travel choice, ease congestion, improve our health and our environment.’

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