The Healing Power of Wool

Sleeping with Wool bedding has been proven to reduce the pain caused by Fibromyalgia by 84%.
Fibromyalgia is a condition characterised by chronic pain in the muscles and joints, leading to constant fatigue, limited levels of activity, reduced quality of life and often depression. Sufferers of Fibromyalgia may also be prone to difficulty sleeping, headaches and problems with memory and concentration.
Treatments for Fibromyalgia are limited. They include often high dosage, medication with predicted side effects and extensive therapy sessions that carry a high price tag.
One other option does exist, however, that could be the solution that Fibromyalgia patients have been searching for; simple yet ultimately effective – wool!

A study reported by the Journal of Contemporary and Alternative Medicine found that sufferers who swapped their bedding for a woollen sleep system experienced a decrease in pain of 84 per cent, while muscle stiffness was reduced by 86 per cent, fatigue by 80 per cent and feelings and symptoms of depression were reduced by 64 per cent.

As Fibromyalgia pain worsens during cold temperatures, the effects of wool are attributed to its incredible ability to keep the body warm and regulate temperature as we sleep, leading to less strain on the joints and muscles and preventing disturbances of sleep during the night. This in turn, reduces movement induced by tossing and turning when trying to sleep or keep warm, and movement induced by getting up during the night. Wool has also been proven to provide better quality, deeper sleep, especially during stage 4 REM sleep – the crucial stage for body regeneration and this again contributes to a reduction in feelings of fatigue.

For sufferers of Fibromyalgia, a complete sleep system (duvet, pillows and mattress topper) from expert UK wool retailer, The Wool Room, could have a profound effect in reducing symptoms and improving overall quality of life. Starting from as little as £31.99 for a wool pillow, as a treatment wool bedding triumphs over its opposition in price, simplicity and longevity.

Chris Tattersall of the Wool Room comments, ‘Sadly, the benefits of wool in the context of Fibromyalgia are not well known, however it has been proven to significantly reduce symptoms of pain, fatigue, muscle stiffness and depression, to name just a few and improve quality of life. To achieve best results, a complete sleep system is key, so you are surrounded by both a bottom and a top layer of wool – this way you can maximise its healing potential and lead to not only a better, but a healthier night’s sleep.’

Prices start from £31.99 for a Wool Pillow and range to £573 for a full set of luxury bedding.

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