- Superdrug reveals what’s selling this spring –

April has seen the country enjoy a spell of unseasonably warm weather with parts of the country basking in sunshine.

Superdrug prepares annually for Maundy Thursday, as this is historically the day the nation’s women begin their fake tanning routine. This year however the retailer has seen Easter bring a host of hot spring sales.

Sales of fake tan and bronzing products grew by a third, with gradual tan up by 114 per cent when compared to the previous week.

The rays of spring sun can be just as dangerous as that in high summer and Brits have got the safe sun message as sales on sun care have risen 75 per cent when compared to the week before. Those caught out by the early sun may have resorted to picking up cooling after sun as sales are +50 per cent.

It seems the changing season also brings an early start to the pollen season for hay fever sufferers as sales of tissues have risen 62 per cent, while Superdrug Allergy Relief saw sales almost double (+96 per cent).

Superdrug Buying Director, Simon Comins said; “Summer really has come early and our customers are already in the holiday mood.

“We generally see a sun care sales surge at Easter as some lucky people leave the country in search of sun, but it’s amazing that this year those who stayed at home have enjoyed some sunshine.

“Obviously the sunshine isn’t all over the country but while sales of sun care and after sun are clustered around the sunny areas it’s clear that fake tan and bronzing products are on the up all over the country, showing whatever the weather outside the window the country is in summer mode.”

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