Waitrose first supermarket to launch new purple sweet potato

We’ve had purple carrots, strawberries tasting of bubblegum and grapes tasting of mango but the latest unusual vegetable to hit our supermarket shelves is the purple sweet potato, launched exclusively in Waitrose branches nationwide.

Available for a limited period until the end of April, the unique North American-sourced Stokes Purple Sweet Potato not only has a purple skin but also purple flesh inside, which maintains its vibrant colour even after cooking.

Anthocyanin, a natural purple pigment more commonly found in blueberries and beetroot, is what gives the potatoes their vivid hue, making them a great choice for adding colour and variety to the plate. In keeping with the conventional sweet potato, they also have a low glycaemic index, making them a good low-carb option to white-fleshed potatoes.

The purple sweet potato is denser than traditional sweet potatoes and has a richer, fuller flavour – with a smooth texture, they’re delicious roasted or mashed, or even baked, puréed and folded into cakes.

Gemma Hodgson, Waitrose Potato Buyer, says: “Our customers are always on the search for something new and these purple sweet potatoes tick that box. While overall sweet potato sales continue to perform well, up 23%, this new variety should create a bit of a talking point on the plate! Their low GI will help keep hunger pangs at bay while their vivid colour and naturally sweet taste make them a great option for adults and children alike.”

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