Are you Corner Cuddlers like Stephen and Chris or Perchers like Sandy and Sandra?
Whatever your sitting style, Sofaworks has a sofa for you

With more of us than ever watching the Channel 4 hit TV show Gogglebox, over the last five series we’ve all identified our favourite sofa stars. But just as our sleeping positions say a lot about how we are as people, so too do our sofa sitting positions. Whether you’re Laid-Back Loungers like the Tapper family or a Sofa Stretcher like Reverend Kate, take a look below to work out who your Gogglebox sofa buddy is.

Stephen and Chris – The Corner Cuddlers
Are you only ever happy when every inch of you is tucked up in a cosy corner of the couch? Feet up and fancy free, just like Stephen and Chris you’re a real fan of getting your comfies on and knees up. The Pentagon sofa would be right up your street with lots of cushions to get snuggled in to.

Sandy and Sandra – The Perchers
Ready for action at any moment, you’re most likely to be found sitting on the edge of your seat, talking animatedly about what you’re watching on TV. You’re also partial to a takeaway on the couch so try The Carmelo – a gorgeous leather three-seater so there’s plenty of room to throw your arms about!

Leon and June – ‘I Love Being With You…But I Like My Own Space’
One of you likes to recline and get your feet right up, the other prefers to sit more upright – you’ve each got your own chair and that’s that! Likely to be enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit with your favourite show, you’ll enjoy the Insignia Power Recliner chair.

The Tappers – the Laid-back Loungers
These guys really know how to relax and make the most of a generous, super-soft sofa – so soft, Dad often drops off to sleep mid-programme! The Leonardo in taupe will have you getting cosy on it and falling asleep in no time.

The Siddiquis – The Squeezer-iners
While the children have flown the nest, you know they’ll be back round on a regular basis. Finding a sofa compact enough for a smaller room which also accommodates impromptu guests is always a challenge but The Canterbury corner sofa should fit the bill.

Reverend Kate and Graham – The Sofa Stretcher
At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than a stretch out on the sofa, alongside loved ones – and in some cases, the dog! No TV night in is complete without a pot of tea and a very contented dog for this couple, so if you’re also an animal lover, try The Stamford which would look lovely with a fabulous tartan throw.

The Moffatts – The Solo Sofanista
Even at home in front of the TV, you’re a style-savvy sofa sitter who loves to make a statement. Rather than squeezing in with Mum and Dad, you’d rather just have your own space in a chair of your own – The Collage arm chairs is just the thing for fashionistas.

The Malones – The Couch Crowders
As a busy household with kids and pets aplenty, there’s never enough room for everyone but that’s how you like it! After a hectic day, you enjoy a good catch up with a few treats and your feet up – your lounge wouldn’t be complete without a footstool. The Chilli three seater chaise sofa along with a matching footstool will be the perfect combination.

The Woerdewerbers – ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’
It’s not that you don’t enjoy being part of the action, but sometimes it can all get a bit much and you’d rather just have some peace and quiet. As a silent observer, there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye so why not make a statement and get yourself a statement armchair – The Cricketer in all its green glory could be the one for you.

Bill and Josef – the Uprighters
You may be an intellectual soul, but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy downtime as much as the next person and spending an evening with a like-minded friend watching TV is one of your favourite ways to unwind. The Decadence two-seater sofa is an ideal location to sit and while away the hours passing comment on your favourite shows, over a plate of biscuits and cup of tea of course!

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