• Smart jacket with LED ‘indicators’ uses motion technology
• Next generation of high-vis wear
• Fitted with front and rear LED lights
HALFORDS today announces a technological first with the launch of the innovative Visijax Commuter Jacket – the smarter way to wear high-vis and be seen when cycling. Using motion sensor technology, it activates a flashing LED signal to show other road users when the wearer is making a turn.
The innovative jacket uses motion sensors and a patented Intelligent Motion-Activated Signalling System (iMASS), which trigger an LED amber turning signal when cyclists raise their arm to indicate. Lighting up for five seconds, it allows cyclists to replace their hands on the handlebar and concentrate on their course, while indicating a change of direction before self-cancelling.
Complemented by powerful white LED lights on the chest and red lights on the back this clever jacket will boost visibility during the dark morning and evening commute.
Halfords research into cycling safety undertaken by YouGov showed 11% of people would cycle more regularly if there were better cycling safety products, while 24% of those surveyed said that they’re too scared to cycle on UK roads. On safety precautions, 39% say they always take precautions while cycling on the road*.
Halfords product manager Ross Hubbard said; “Our customers told us that better safety products would encourage them to cycle more, and the illuminating Visijax Commuter Jacket will make it easier for commuters to be seen on the roads.”
“We know visibility can be a major barrier to cycling at this time of year – we want to help commuters to overcome these barriers and to encourage as many people as possible to cycle.”
The jacket has sweeping vents to circulate cool air while its Teflon coating will repel mud and water. 100% waterproof, it can be used in all weathers and any situations, from city-cycling to muddy off-roading.
The Visijax Commuter Jacket is available in black and neon yellow and is priced at £99.99 from Halfords.

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