Lay down in luxury

This week, (22nd January 2015) The Wool Room launches its brand new luxury range; a complete sleep system using an expertly crafted combination of the highest quality British Alpaca and British Wool.

The Wool Room, an expert UK wool retailer, specialises in the best of wool products to help you sleep better. With a specific focus on wool bedding, the Wool Room can guarantee you a 25 per cent better night’s sleep than traditional down or synthetic bedding due to wool’s incredibly clever ability to regulate moisture levels and temperature as we sleep. What’s more, bedding from the Wool Room has also been proven to reduce symptoms of allergies and has recently become the first and only woollen complete bedding solution to have received the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Even Dr Christian Jessen, general practitioner and the resident expert of such shows as Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize vs Super skinny believes in the benefits of wool.

The new luxury offering from the Wool Room blends the finest British Alpaca and British wool in equal parts, providing a unique proposition in the UK bedding market. Although scientifically considered a hair fibre rather than wool due to its lack of lanolin, Alpaca behaves in the same way as wool when it comes to moisture and temperature regulation. Both fibres wick moisture and humidity away from the body, maintaining an ambient temperature and it is this dry environment that contributes to the reduction of symptoms of skin and respiratory allergies.

The luxury collection uses 100 per cent natural textiles, with no synthetic materials or treatment of fibres within the production process. British provenance is also guaranteed, with the specialist product developers at the Wool Room able to trace both the Alpaca fibre and wool back to their inaugural group of farms.

The luxury sleep system offering includes duvets from light to all season weights, mattress toppers, and pillow. The blended fibres that make up the luxury product range are encased and quilted between two layers of 300TC (thread count) organic cotton, ensuring that each item is beautifully soft to touch and moulds to the body.

The Wool Room luxury range:


Light (200gms-3 to 5 tog approx) – From £109
Medium (300gms- 60 to 9 tog approx) – From £129.99
Warm (500gms-11-14 Tog approx) – From £149.99
All Seasons (200gms + 300gms- 3 tog to 14 tog) – from £229.99
(all standard sizes)


Wool/Alpaca Filled Mattress Enhancer (1000gms of blended fibre) – from £189.99
(all standard sizes including Emperor)

Wool/Alpaca Pillow

Non-washable Inner Core (1.1kg of blended wool and alpaca fibre) with
Washable Outer cover (300gms of machine washable wool) – from £89.99
Available in standard and superking sizes.

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