Surreal coverage for Selfridges



ZPR took a surreal turn this spring after spearheading an outstanding PR success when launching Selfridges’ surreal season. From 16th March to 24th June, Selfridges explored the influence of Surrealism on contemporary art and design with a series of collaborations in its Oxford Street store.

Running in tandem with the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibition, Surreal Things: Surrealism and Design, Surrealism and Selfridges set to explore the powerful effect the movement continues to have on artists and designers today.

Working together with the in-house team, ZPR's task of transcending the commercialisation of Surrealism into the media arena (both in the UK and abroad) resulted in over 50 pieces of coverage, spanning surreal exclusives, consumer news stories, product placement and conceptual features.

Surreal (and also very real!) highlights included exclusives landing in ALL key print titles including Sunday Times Style, Stella, The Times, Grazia, YOU Magazine, Evening Standard and The Daily Mail. Is Selfridges’ Surrealism a PR success or not? You decide...