Getting Peacocks into Vogue



When we won the Peacocks account in June 2006, we immediately set out to make it the number one value fashion retailer.

Up until our involvement, Primark had been seen as the hottest value retailer, but within weeks of winning the account, we’d sent spring/summer items to key journalists, and arranged for them to visit stores. We also sent out newsflashes to highlight new arrivals and items of their collection that were at the height of current trends.

Our proudest moment, though, was when Peacocks appeared in the May 2007 edition of Vogue. The coverage generated included a double page spread in G2, 'Is Peacocks the new Primark?', a whole page in Grazia, 'Is Peacocks the new Primark?', a whole page in The Sun, 'It’s war: Peacocks v Primark'.

Peacocks Buying and Merchandising Director Jane McNally also appeared on This Morning, talking about highlights from the collection.

Hot on the heels of the Peacocks v Primark coverage, the Welcome to Peagucci campaign – the hottest value fashion chain – was launched. Peagucci generated feature coverage in The Daily Express and The Guardian.

We secured coverage in magazines and newspapers that would
have cost £23,465,320 to buy the space.

All the coverage we generated was worth £58,663,300.