Slashing tax on kids' skin protection


At a time when 2,000 people in the UK die every year from melanoma; Superdrug finds it staggering that sun cream for children is taxed as a luxury item.

In the summer of 2006, as part of the SAFE (Skin Awareness For Everyone) campaign we created for Superdrug, we started to lobby the Government for a VAT cut on kids' sun cream.

We want to see the tax slashed from the maximum 17.5% to just 5%, and aim to achieve this by putting pressure on the Government and spreading public awareness through targeted media.

Superdrug stores across the UK have now organised petitions for their local MPs, and we have bombarded Gordon Brown with sun care products and life-size cut outs of himself. The campaign was stepped up further in the Summer of 2007 to push for a tax cut in 2008.

On the day that Gordon Brown announced his new Cabinet we were busy holding a Sun Tax Protest. Our bikini march stopped the traffic in Westminster, with bikini clad protesters delivering a 10,000+ petition to Gordon, just five minutes before he announced the new Chancellor… come rain or shine Superdrug will continue this campaign.

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