Selfridges goes for Gold!



Working alongside the in-house team, we handled all PR for Selfridges’ Gold campaign to ensure that the store received the most Christmas coverage in its entire history – and significantly more than its competitors.

Running from July to December 2006, the campaign focused on Selfridges’ exclusive products and in-store services, and hinged on the opening of the store’s Christmas shop in July. This meant the store could be the first to talk to the press about Christmas.

We created a photograph library of exclusive products, and used this to sell in stories, product placement and features. And we held an in-store press day in July, which was attended by more than 350 journalists. The result – a PR campaign spun in gold! 

Coverage of the Christmas Shop opening was sold in exclusively to The Evening Standard, and was then picked up nationally in newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, The Mirror, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail and on broadcast.

Our exclusive gold product assured Christmas fashion got the Midas touch! Products including never-been-seen-before metallic Christian Louboutin stilettos, unique gold hued Top Shop dress, £20,000 gold studded money belts and £5,000 chocolate machines received coverage in every single key national, daily, weekly and monthly title.

Well, what woman wouldn’t favour a pair of exclusive CLs over a clementine in her Christmas stocking?